We will dive into your daily thoughts, working towards clarity of mind, destroying what is not serving you and stick with what is going to make you grow. A strong mind for a powerful self and an unstoppable business. You will learn daily strategies to combat the limits of your own beliefs and experience a new YOU that is going to work towards success.

I want to call your attention for a condition very important for your success when being coached by me – solutions are not always obvious or instantaneous and this is going to take a good amount of implication from your part, but I guarantee you that is worthy, and the lessons you will learn will give you tools for the rest of your life to be applied professionally and personally.

I will guide you through all the coaching process and communicate with you some of my experiences dealing with customers as a way to understand another possibility for you to proceed. Our sessions have 1h duration and are based on respect and communication. Everything can be discussed and then we set priorities and commit to a plan. I guarantee you client satisfaction by putting you first, being flexible with schedules, and recognize the importance of making the most out of your investment.

Coaching will impact your life, therefore the connection that you have with your coach is essential for the success of the sessions. If you don’t identify yourself with the values and principles you read, and more importantly, if you are not willing to do the work necessary for your improvement, I might not be your coach, and somebody else could be a better fit for you. You are the protagonist of the process. Investing in yourself might not be the first thing you put on your to-do list but it’s the most rewarding and powerful thing that is going to impact all aspects of you life.

Change in Process Pan
  • Valid for 3 months
  • 6 online personalized 1h sessions
  • Weekly email follow-up
Next Level Plan
  • Valid for 4 months
  • 8 online personalized 1h sessions
  • Weekly email follow-up
New you Plan
  • Valid for 6 months
  • 22 online personalized 1h
  • sessions
  • Weekly email follow-up
Complimentary Session
  • Online personalized session 1h
  • For those who finished one of the programs
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