Behave your way to success!

What if you could have fans instead of clients and a passionate unstoppable team?Let’s do it together!

I currently help freelancers and small business owners to be in control of their minds by working on their belief system. I help my clients to establish a positive and productive relationship with their customers and consequently boost their sales.

For that I include the team to work for the same target. Creating a culture where your customers are central, working as your biggest asset on a marketing strategy.

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal, this city was the background for the typical rollercoasters you experience as a teenager and where I grew up and became a woman with a strong sense of justice and very empathetic towards other’s peoples feelings. 

I always knew that my mission is to work with people and help them live a happier life, so choosing Psychology at the university was not a difficult decision. That’s what I did!

I earned my masters degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from ISMAI, Portugal, 2010


Before moving to Barcelona, I worked as a Psychologist and acquired a different vision of what a Psychologist should do. Working in clinical contexts gave me a more mature way to see individuals as a product of systemic systems connected to each other.

In Barcelona I worked for several years in sales, customer service, and project management.  I enjoyed the experience and knowledge that I gained during these years. Interacting with customers was also an opportunity to apply a lot of the psychology I learnt and intertwined both areas. In the end, a business is essentially humans interacting, making decisions, and being moved by emotion. 

People that face adversity or limitation of any kind and are still able to figure it out, always inspired me to be and do better. It really fascinates me how powerful we are at creating the results that we want to achieve. I think about the quote: “What’s wrong is always available, so it is what is right”, – it is the most rewarding thing to be able to help you create the life in your terms, the clients that you always wanted and a business that is successful and inspiring.

Imagination is powerful and makes us act towards a decision. Tell your customer a story he will never forget.

Start to create results today!

….more things you might like to know about Joana

  • I love a good laugh. Humour brings me lightness and a way of looking into life with more compassion and acceptance.

  • I frequently assume an honest and a pragmatic approach on things. I like to be practical because it takes away the complexity we sometimes create in our minds.

  • Meditation brought me peace and comfort, knowing that without exterior factors I alone can transform my inside and consequently my outside.

  • I believe in serious, constant, repetitive action to get results.

  • I am fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. I can adapt sessions to one that is more convenient/comfortable for you.

  • If I could change something in our world today I would change the way we relate with our minds. A good source of negative energy, illness and even war is caused by our own mind limitations.

Thanks for taking the time to read me!

Joana Leis

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